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Office of the NJ State Climatologist (ONJSC)
The Office of the New Jersey State Climatologist serves as the State focal point for activities
pertaining to the climate of New Jersey. The responsibilities of the Office are to collect
and archive climate data, maintain an active research program pertaining to New Jersey
climate and, through various outreach programs, provide climate education and information
to the citizens of New Jersey.

  • New Jersey Weather and Climate Network (NJWXNET)
    The New Jersey Weather and Climate Network (NJ Wxnet, wx = weather) serves as a one-stop
    Internet resource for New Jersey weather and climate data. The NJ Wxnet is a unique collection
    of hourly environmental data from weather stations in and around New Jersey. The NJ Wxnet is
    operated by the Office of the NJ State Climatologist (ONJSC) at Rutgers University.
  • Global Snow Lab (GSL)
    Here you will find various unique sources of data regarding Northern Hemisphere snow
    cover dating back to 1966. In 1966, NOAA began to map the snow and ice areas in the Northern
    Hemisphere on a weekly basis. That effort continues today, and remains the only such
    hemispheric product. Search RUCL Web Sites

    The dating lab sites

    The dating lab sites