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Sahure had a pyramid built for himself in Abusir , thereby abandoning the royal necropolises of Saqqara and Giza , where his predecessors had built their pyramids. This decision was possibly motivated by the presence of the sun temple of Userkaf in Abusir, the first such temple of the 5th Dynasty. The Pyramid of Sahure is much smaller than the pyramids of the preceding 4th Dynasty but the decoration of his mortuary temple is more elaborate. The causeway and mortuary temple of his pyramid complex were once adorned by over 10,000 m 2 (110,000 sq ft) of fine reliefs, which made them renowned in antiquity. The architects of Sahure's pyramid complex introduced the use of palmiform columns (that is columns whose capital has the form of palm leaves ), which would soon become a hallmark of ancient Egyptian architecture. Sahure is also known to have constructed a sun temple called " The Field of Ra ", and although it is yet to be located it is presumably in Abusir as well.

Laura Plummer, a shop assistant from Hull, was detained after arriving at the Egyptian resort of Hurghada with 290 Tramadol pills in her luggage.

Joining the women are a handful of expatriate Jews, foreign diplomats and non-Jewish friends. The women are all that is left—the last men of the Cairo Jewish community died out or left the country by the 1990s. The community has lacked a rabbi for decades, so a pair of young American volunteers lead the service in a mixture of Arabic, English, and Hebrew.

Cairo dating

Cairo dating