The glee project damian and lindsay dating - Glee star Damian McGinty cast in 2018 Christmas movie.

The episode will see the trio joined by a plethora of familiar faces including Season 1 co-winner Damian McGinty and all their fellow Season 2 contenders (save for Taryn , who had a scheduling conflict). Also in attendance will be all the Glee writers and stars/former mentors including Amber Riley , Darren Criss and   first-year co-winner Samuel Larsen , among others.

Derry dazzler Damian McGinty is about to get a whole lot more famous. Already on set to film his starring role in the Fox hit show Glee his fellow stars have taken to Twitter to welcome him aboard.

The 18-year-old singer will appear in the third season of the show after beating over 40,000 other young performers in the Glee Project. McGinty is currently filming his scenes as Irish exchange student Rory.
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"Such an incredible day - met incredible people, worked with incredible people, excited for the future," he gushed on his Twitter account.

Fellow Glee cast members Cory Monteith and Lea Michele, who play Finn and Rachel in the show, were impressed.

"It's been so much fun working with our Glee Project winners," Lea Twittered. "Damian was so sweet the other day!He may be one of the sweetest people ever! So happy to have him in our family!"

Monteith revealed that he had shot a great scene with McGinty and added season three was "lookin gooooood."

McGinty is scheduled to become a regular cast member from the fourth episode where he will be introduced as a foreign exchange student living with cheerleader Brittany.

"She of course believes him to be a leprechaun with magical powers," creator Ryan Murphy said.

Back in August, McGinty, who is the second contestant from the Oxygen reality show to appear this season, won a seven-episode arc on the show’s third season. Runner-up Lindsay Pearce appeared in the first episode of this season, and runner-up No. 2 Alex Newell and fellow winner Samuel Larsen have yet to appear.

The glee project damian and lindsay dating

The glee project damian and lindsay dating