How to know you're the only one he's dating - Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra.

I’m perfectly content to pay taxes that go toward public schools, even though I’m childless and intend to stay that way, because all children deserve a quality, free education. If this seems unfair or unreasonable to you, we are never going to see eye to eye.

Every year around the holidays, Britney Spears' handlers make her do her Christmas rituals to appease the board of trustees that dictate her every move. Over the weekend they made her stand in the foyer of her giant house and gasp her way though Elvis' "Can't Help Falling in Love," which is technically not a Christmas song but fuck it, nothing matters. She's also wearing that same dress her daddy...

I've been helping people with computer problems for over 30 years. When I worked at IBM, I got the nickname "Doctor Bob" because I always had the answers to my co-workers' software and hardware questions. I left there in 1997, and began writing about computers, gadgets and the Internet for a larger audience. As publisher of the Internet Tourbus, and creator of the AskBobRankin tech support website, I've heard many sad stories from people who lost it all -- because they didn't have a backup. You already know you need to back up your important information. This ebook provides you with the knowledge, skills and tools to get it done! Everything is explained in plain English, with no geek-speak or technobabble. WHY DOESN'T EVERYONE MAKE BACKUPS? I've heard lots of reasons for not doing backups. The most common one is "I'll do nothing and HOPE for the best." But there's a problem with that. HOPE is the strategy of the fearful, the uninformed, and the procrastinator. In this case, "doing nothing" is almost certain to lead to disaster. BUT... if you knew you could protect ALL your information on ALL your devices with little or no expense, and make it happen automatically, wouldn't that be great? Wouldn't it be awesome to have CONFIDENCE instead of HOPE? My ebook will show you how easy it is to get there. Other people say "Backups are too complicated or time consuming." That might have been true 10 or 15 years ago, when you had to juggle floppy disks, a stack of CDs, or mess with backup tapes. But today we have "plug and play" devices that will start making automatic backups as soon as you plug them into your computer. Getting started with an online backup service is almost as easy, and both options can be configured to run at night, or when your computer is idle. I'll show you how, with examples and illustrations. Another one I hear often is "Backups are too expensive." As I mentioned earlier, there are some really good free backup software options, and my ebook will show you some clever ways to access gobs of free online storage. I explain all the options, and point you to free or low-cost solutions every step of the way. I talk all the time with people who are worried that their computer will crash, or that they'll get a virus or be hacked. Those are signs of Fear and Worry. I've written my ebook " Everything You Need to Know About BACKUPS " to help you replace those negative thoughts with Knowledge and Confidence. I want you to make this the year when you can say "Even if a data disaster happens, I am prepared and I have a plan to recover."

How to know you're the only one he's dating

How to know you're the only one he's dating