Taurus male dating scorpio female - Sexual Compatibility Taurus and Virgo

You can count on the fact that you will be naturally interesting to her as you possess so many of the qualities she finds valuable.  You’re willing to provide shelter from the world, and she appreciates the patience you show in all things.  She is so impractical herself that anything you can do of a practical nature would steal her heart away.  Can you fix that headlight on her car? Be careful and cautious in your courtship because she startles easily.  Use your instincts to tune into her vibration.

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In addition to being just a bit on the self-indulgent side, you’re both also just a little bit reluctant to deal with the whole “making up” thing. Once bitten, twice shy describes both of you- yet, you go about your own ways expressing that.

Taurus male dating scorpio female

Taurus male dating scorpio female